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Precept and budget

The Parish Council finances its activities from part of the council tax paid by households in the parish. Puriton Parish Council continues to plan improvements throughout the parish and has set the precept for the forthcoming financial year (April 2017 to March 2018) at £35,500, which amounts to around 98 pence per week for a Band D house. This represents an increase of 10p per week or 10.68% per year on 2016/17.  The 2019/2020 precept increased from £37650 to £40320.  There are more houses paying the tax this year due to the new housing development and so the total will be paid by more people, meaning that a Band D house will only pay an extra 35p per year to the Parish Council.

If you have any suggestions on community improvements the Council might finance throughout the parish please contact the clerk


Grants made by Puriton Parish Council 

Do you know a group within the parish that would benefit from Parish Council grant funding? The Council is keen to receive funding applications for projects that will benefit the community or part of it.

The Parish Council has in place a Grants Policy, which seeks applications from community groups twice per year in October and February. An editable grant form is available here.

Each financial year Puriton Parish Councils can award an amount of money to local, non-commercial groups that benefit our community or part of it. Puriton Parish Council Grants Policy is designed to help organisations understand the process and application for awards. 


Financial Regulations

You can see a copy of the Council's Financial Regulations here.

If you have any questions about the Council's finances please contact the clerk.

Assets and Risk

The Council is insured with Zurich Municipal.

The Council keeps and regularly reviews an accurate register of its assets. 

The Council ensures that regular risk assessments are undertaken for Council property and for the working practices of employees. For more information please contact the Clerk:

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