Villages Together Report July 2015

Woolavington Estate Project

A meeting with residents and representatives from Woolavington Parish Council, Sedgemoor District Council, SHAL Housing Ltd, Homes In Sedgemoor and Police is to be held during August to discuss ongoing issues and concerns.

A decision on funding for a biomass heating system for the area is expected soon.

Social Activities for Older Residents

A further meeting was held on Sunday, 28th June, for further discussions on sharing ideas for speakers, activities and events with other groups in the 2 villages.

Some form of community transport and help with venue hire costs is desirable.

A Senior Citizens Lunch at the 37 Club on Friday, 16th October is being planned.

Wifi internet access at Woolavington Communal Hall and Puriton Church Room.

Community Council for Somerset are holding a digital workshop at Holford on Thursday, 3rd September and have mobile satellite access available for all sites.

Telephone 01823 331222 for details.

Youth Activities & Facilities

SHAL have funded two children's discos at Woolavington Village Hall that have been well attended.

Meetings with the young people were held in Woolavington Communal Hall and Woolavington Village Hall, to enable them to choose a design of shelter they would like to have near the play area on the "top" field. Results have been forwarded to the Partnership for discussions.

It is planned to work with Somerset Rural Youth Project and community volunteers with the objective of creating more activities for children than are currently available in both villages.

Community & Sports Facilities

An assessment of all community buildings and playing fields will be undertaken to research what can be done to make improvements in line with public demand.

Sedgemoor District Council have a strategy document that can be used in conjunction with expertise from Community Council for Somerset.

Planting & Village Entrances

Permissions will be sought from Highways and SDC prior to any planting to avoid any conflict and mowing over bulbs. Many items may be available free, e.g. seeds from Kew Gardens, trees and shrubs from SDC.

The group agreed to involve the youth in projects so they can gain "ownership" of their environment.

Both villages are eager to improve their main entrances with good quality road signs and floral features of some description. Two ladies have been busy planting trees obtained from Woodlands Trust along the edge of Woolavington football pitch. Consideration will be given to plant 3 poplar trees in a heart shape, replacing the mature one that was felled on the green in Sedgemoor Way because its roots had damaged the footpath.

Bridleway, Footpath Improvements

Lack of progress with the ROF site is hindering our plans for safe pedestrian and cycle access between our villages. We have maps showing current Rights of Way that need improving where surfaces are poor or they are overgrown. Volunteers have yet to get together to formulate planning a way forwards.

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