Villages Together Report May 2016




Woolavington Estate Project 

Proposed Biomass heating system – a meeting of local officials and partners is to be arranged before a public consultation, it is hoped to complete this by end of June. 

Digital exclusion

Cosmic will give 2 x 1 day free sessions at Woolavington Village Hall for anyone interested in learning about computers, internet, e-mail, skype, etc and on-line safety.   

Social Activities for Older Residents

Another open day at 37 Club will be held, probably in August.        

Youth Activities & Facilities          

We are waiting for report from SRYP with a breakdown of how many in each village suggested what improvements they want. E-mail from Stephen Baker gave some ideas from 76 questionnaires. Next step is to set up focus groups, Leslie suggested recruiting Young Advisers similar to some other areas.   

Community & Sports Facilities 

Peter handed out proposals for improvements to Woolavington playing field area and new-build Sports & Leisure Centre. Drainage is the top priority, then a hard surface perimeter track with outdoor exercise equipment and low-level lighting as add-ons. VT contributions totalling at least £210,000 were being sought. Discussions needed with Playing Fields & the Parish Council along with a feasibility study. The money will need matched funding at each stage, not lump sum of whole amount upfront.                           Peter was congratulated and thanked for what he'd achieved with his hard work and the time spent.    

Improving Local Areas        

Everyone seems happy with the new signs and plantings made to date. The team are waiting for a date with Highways to have on-site meetings to decide where licences would be needed for large features.                                                                                                




Footpaths, Cycleways & Bridleways                                Tim asked about having a continuous footpath at Lockswell for access to the re-opened shop. An overview of what is available in our VT area might be good idea. Crancombe Lane is lovely but risky – there's no path. The footpath through Martland Farm gets deep holes made by livestock.                                Keeping People Informed -                                            Sam is working on a video for our new website - facebook is being used more to publicise amenities and events.         Noticeboards – are not yet ordered – ongoing.      Defibrillators – When these have been fitted, there will be a joint announcement to publicise them and training sessions that will be held locally.

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